We are always looking for ways to improve our school for our students. This is usually done through identification of school needs, investigated and discussed with the association.


In 2017 the P&C ran a survey to identify the preferred uses of funds it raises. The most popular response was to create a Nature Play project – play areas utilising natural elements around our school. An open workshop was held in October 2017 to enable interested people to contribute ideas, with students across the school also contributing. The P&C approved a budget of $50,000 for the project.

In early 2018 the new Buildings & Grounds Committee engaged environmental engineer Alan Hoban of Bligh Tanner to produce a Nature Play Masterplan for CHSS, which builds on the ideas from the workshop and addresses site and erosion issues. Future priorities for Nature Play projects (later stages) were also detailed to guide future committee members. The draft Masterplan was delivered in April.

Nature Play Masterplan
Two concept drawings from the CHSS Nature Play Masterplan – Stage 1 area (above and below path to Hakea St)
Stage 1 of the project was chosen: the Rainforest Area to just above the Adventure Playground (using the $50K allocated funds). This was prioritised to address substantial drainage and erosion issues.  In May, as we were preparing for preliminary works, we learned that the project would need formal approval from the (State Government) Facilities Branch before works could begin. As of July 2018, we are still waiting for approval.

Following approval, we can begin a tender process for works (a requirement for ‘major’ works on school grounds) and undertake Stage 1A (above the Hakea St path) in the September school holidays. This will involve some earthworks and installation of a dry creek bed and natural log and rock features. We also plan to have several “loose parts play” stations with wood or bamboo lengths which can be used for free-form temporary structures (e.g. tee pees). CHSS recognises that there needs to be an education program around safe play (e.g. at assembly include messages about safe and unsafe play) to help manage risks.
Future stages would require further fundraising from the P&C or grants from external sources.

Proposed rock and log elements in the Stage 1A area (Rainforest). Plans by Alan Hoban, Bligh Tanner.

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The Building and Grounds Committee identified an opportunity to improve the seating and garden areas outside the Year 4 classrooms at the top of the school.  A plan was coordinated, materials sourced and a working bee was held to bring it all together.  Click here to download the report detailing the work that went into creating this excellent iniative for our students.
Friendship Garden Report
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The P&C works with the school administration and regularly supports school inititiaves.

Independent Public School
The P&C endorsed the school's application to become an Independent Public School.

Positive Behaviour for Learning Program
We endorsed the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) program to help create a positive and inclusive school environment.

Athlete Development Excellence Program Pilot
The P&C will contribute $2000 towards the Athlete Development Excellence Program Fitter Futures Pilot program in Term 2, 2017.

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